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INDT 501- Technology Integration

02 Sep

While I think technology can be utilized well in classrooms, I also worry about overusing technology and eschewing traditional methods of teaching. Maybe I feel this way because I’m nervous and unfamiliar with many methods of educational technology, but watching the clip on Multimedia Study Guides still made me skeptical. While the students were obviously excited about using their technology to create the study guide, I think it would also be important to make sure the information is being processed and remembered. Using technology to create something like a study guide is only helpful if it is also useful. I was happy to see that Web 2.0 also addressed my concerns, warning teachers to watch out for trendy, new programs that might not be particularly helpful in the classroom (Solomon & Schrum, 2010).

I was really impressed with the 8th grade class that created videos about the characters in Tom Sawyer. Creating the movie was a way for the students to analyze the text and make certain decisions based on clues in the novel. Using technology this way allows the students to delve deeper into the material than they may have by just writing an essay on it. This exercise utilized three of the eight c’s as described in Web 2.0 (Solomon & Schrum, 2010). The students collaborated with each other when deciding how to interpret the text, connected with each other’s ideas and opinions and contextualized their work within a literary and historical setting.

In my senior year of high school, we used computer programs to review for the SOL and AP tests in Biology. They were multiple choice, and gave immediate feedback on the correct answers. I believe this fits into the Active Entry part of the matrix. I think the most helpful part of this exercise was the fact that it mirrored the format of the tests we were preparing for. While this program did not help the students be more creative, communicate with each other, or contextualize across subjects, but the drill format was helpful for standardized testing practice.


Solomon, G. & Schrum, L. (2010). Web 2.0 how-to for educators. Washington, DC: International Society for Technology in Education.

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