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04 Nov

I was really interested by the Sixth Sense Technology presented in the TedTalk video. It reminded me a lot of the SmartBoard technology: the idea that technology should be integrated seamlessly with everyday movements. I think students today would love this type of technology; anytime they can get information right at their fingertips, they seem more interested and engaged. I was especially interested in the book functions of this technology; the ability for students to have information about whatever book they are looking at, available right away. This would definitely be helpful for projects and lessons on novels in the classroom. I think students would respond well to having the book be interactive, with extra video and audio clips built in.

The virtual environment is also an interesting idea for an English classroom. The novels read in high school take place in different environments than the classroom. Some students might benefit from having a visual if they are having trouble picturing the environment in their heads. It gives them something to explore, and could really help to differentiate learning. I do have mixed feelings about this, I know some students could benefit from it, but I also believe that individual imagination is not something that can be replaced. I was interested by the assertion that “Research suggests that educational MUVEs should not focus solely on the virtual environment; learners still require and do best when they have ongoing support from the teacher and built-in time (and obligations) for self reflection” (Solomon & Schrum, 2013, p. 122). I like the idea that virtual environments can also be an outlet for student reflection.


Solomon, G., & Schrum, L. (2013).Web 2.0: how-to for educators. (1st ed.). Eugene, Oregon: International Society for Technology in Education.


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