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23 Sep

My five blog searches for the day (via Technorati):

1. Literary Movie Adaptations

As a future English teacher, the topic of made-into-movie books fascinates me. This didn’t yield quite the results I was looking for, so I changed to “Literary film adaptations” with a bit more luck. This led me to this gem of a website, http://www.flavorwire.com/, which can fuel my compulsory need to keep up with pop culture.

2. English Education

Next I searched for English Education, coming up with this interesting site, http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog, a bit long-winded, but very cool if you’re interested in the origin of many words common today.

A specifically interesting post from this website was entitled “Lettering in Sports” and discussed the origin of the verb usage of the word “letter” (i.e. he lettered in football). The post dated the first known usage back to 1922 (http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2012/08/lettering-in-sports.html). Also notable is the post discussing whether or not “they” should be used as a singular, gender-neutral pronoun (http://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2009/07/on-language-all-purpose-pronoun.html). I sent in a comment voicing my opinion that we should not, in fact, use “they” as a singular pronoun, even if Merriam-Webster has amended the rule on the word.

3. High School English Teachers

I am endlessly excited to get advice from current teachers, there is just so much to learn! This blog has some great pieces of advice for English teachers and I will definitely be looking to it in the coming months. http://msblovesbooks.blogspot.com/

4. Broadway

I’m always interested with what is going on in the world of theatre, and I was excited when this blog popped up in my search, http://dctheatrescene.com/, this would be a great site to use to keep up with current productions going on in the dc area- for my own personal interest but also for incorporating into lessons later down the road. Field trip to see “Macbeth”? Writing reviews on “Death of a Salesman”?


5. Books to Film

Still not quite satisfied with the results of my first search, I tried again. This time I came up with this website, http://www.basedonthebook.com/, which was more along the lines of what I was looking for. The site lists movies based on books, and also gives the genre, reviews, and plot summaries. I think it’s fascinating to compare movies to their literary counterparts and a site like this could definitely be used in the classroom to help students make those connections.

I love technorati, I think I could spend hours on here looking up blogs to fit my lifestyle and my educational preferences.







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  1. I think you had a much better experience with Technorati than I did. Maybe I didn’t use the search feature adequately or maybe my searches were too narrow. I tried to search “education” and found very little that was useful. I was also trying to find something about disabities or special education and that was frustrating to say the least. Thank you for giving us such good descriptions of what you found interesting. I ended up spending a lot of time on this site too but I was feeling like it was being wasted, not productive. Your blog has inspired me to go back to the website and try again to find something to suit me.

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